Did you know that 80% of companies outsource their accounting?

Accounting Helsinki

Accounting Helsinki

Accounting firm in Helsinki

The information generated from accounting is a valuable tool in managing a company

Why is it beneficial to outsource accounting?


Accounting rarely is a part of company’s expertise, so it is better to outsource it to professionals who constantly follow the changes in the industry and legislation.


Outsourcing your accounting leaves you with more time for your business activities and ensures that your company’s accounting fulfills all the legal requirements.


We plan accounting in a way that on top of fulfilling legal requirements we can also provide additional value for your company.   


We promise that your responsible accountant know your business and interprets the figures and ensures that your company’s financial information is up to date.

 …this way the management can make better financial decisions based on figures.

We specialize in accounting and taxation of small and medium sized companies 

Accounting is becoming digitized!

We have chosen digitalized accounting since it is more

cost-efficient and simple for all parties.

In Finacc accounting is implemented completely using digitalized Procountor-software.

The software is user-friendly and we will help you get started with it.

As accounting is digitizing the work of accountants has evolved from booking information into validating and analysing alongside customer advising and management reporting.

The benefits of digitized accounting!



Savings in accounting cost



Gives more time to focus on growing the business 



Real-time reports to manage your business  



Frees from delivering paper documents to your accountant



Eases the flow of information between you and your accountant

Free yourself from delivering paper documents!

Digitized accounting also leaves your accountant with more time to analyse your financial key figures.

Because of digitized accounting you have access to real-time reports of your company’s financial situation.

Finacc offers reliable and professional accounting, payroll and tax consulting services

What does it cost?

Sole trader

Operates alone

20 receipts monthly


Starting at 80 € /month


3 employees

40 receipts monthly

3 payslips monthly

Starting at 200 € /month

Construction company

10 employees

50 receipts monthly

10 payslips monthly

Starting at 350 € /month

Basic accounting services 

Statutory accounting 

Self-assessed tax reports 

Reports of officials 

Management reports

Basic payroll services

Hourly and monthly based salary calculations

Employer reports

Income register-reports 


Travel and expense invoices


 Accounting provides information for the filling of tax reports, which makes it vital that the accounting information is accurate. 

How to outsource accounting to Finacc?

Arrange a meeting

Do you want a professional taking care of your and your company’s finances? 

We offer accounting services to companies of all sizes . 

Initial meeting

During the meeting, we will go through your company’s situation and financial management needs.  

Based on this we design together your company’s service package.

Accounting is taken care of!

Your personal accountant always takes care of your, and your company’s finances.

Therefore, you are left with more time to focus on your core competencies and developing your business activities.  

Outsource your accounting!


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